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Hummer EV's get some Marvel magic



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Published on: 09 Apr 2021
What do GMC's upcoming electric truck and the sci-fi tech in the MCU have in common? Motion graphics and design studio Perception helped bring both to life. We called up Perception Chief Creative Director John LePore for a chat.

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Video Segments:

00:00​ Start
00:50​ Perceptions Start with Marvel work
04:08​ Other Industry Work
04:46​ Work on Hummer EV
05:25​ Difference between real world and Fantasy
08:10​ Auto Industry Obstacles
08:40​ How they stepped out of the box for Hummer EV
09:36​ Hummer EV Off-Road App (Pitch and Roll Visuals)
11:12​ Balance of Customization,Creativity and Usability
14:17​ Embracing the future while respecting the past

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